Spinal Decompression in Alpharetta GA

Chiropractic Alpharetta GA Spinal Decompression Table

What is disc decompression in Alpharetta GA? Here at Northeast Chiropractic Center in Alpharetta, GA We use Disc or spinal decompression which is a non-surgical treatment that involves using a traction table to remove pressure from nerve roots in the back or leg.

Any individual with back, or leg pain caused by a degenerated or damaged disc may be treated with spinal decompression

Individuals suffering from conditions such as herniated or bulging discs, spinal stenosis, sciatica, facet syndrome, spondylosis, or even failed spinal surgery may experience significant improvements after undergoing disc decompression therapy.

Does Spinal Decompression Really Work in Alpharetta GA?

Chiropractic Alpharetta GA Spinal Decompression On Discs

Doctors use spinal decompression in an attempt to treat back pain or sciatica, bulging or herniated disks or degenerative disk disease, worn spinal joints, and injured or diseased spinal nerve roots.

Research shows that 86% of bulging or herniated disc patients had good or excellent results using decompression therapy. 75% of patients with facet arthrosis experienced significant improvements.

*A 2012 study by Gionis and Groteke found that 86% of patients who completed spinal decompression therapy reported immediate symptom resolution, and 84% remained pain-free 90 days after treatment. The study also found that 92% of patients showed improvement on physical examination, and all but two patients improved by at least 30% in the first three weeks. The study group was made up of 229 patients randomly selected from 500 with symptoms of herniated and degenerative disc disease that had lasted at least four weeks.

*J PHYS THER SCI 2015 Feb; 27(2): 481-483

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